(i) The Regular Worship of GOD

The New Birth Movement publishes at its AGM in December every year the calendar of its Church Services for the New Year so that all members can use that information to plan their activities in the New Year, as it is mandatory for all members and officers of The New Birth Movement to attend all services of GOD in The New Birth Movement to get their spirits constantly charged by The Spirit of GOD, to get their minds constantly fed with the words of GOD, so that they can progressively purify their minds with a view to becoming pure In heart as our Lord, Jesus, Christ, specified (Matt.5:8), to relate with GOD severally in various acts of worship and divine glorification.

The New Birth Movement Yearly Calendar publishes in advance all Exhortation topics for every  Wednesday Evangelical Service for the New Year as well as all Sermon Topics for all Sunday Morning Divine Worship Scheduled for The New Year.

(ib) Listening to The Word of GOD

There is ample opportunity for everyone to listen to the word of GOD in every service of GOD in The New Birth Movement, especially as GOD had told Prophet Moses to tell us not to try to live by bread alone but by every word of GOD,(Deut. 8:3). Without our minds being regularly stocked with the words of GOD, we may never succeed in building in ourselves the saintly, holy character that GOD appreciates in HIS children.

(ic) Learning to pray, New Birth Style, by participating in it

The Opening Prayer in any Sunday Morning Divine Worship of The Most High GOD in The New Birth Movement is usually a participatory prayer  in which members of the congregation are expected to join in the recitation of Psalms, in some aspects of the liturgy, say, of The Lord’s Prayer. By listening to how officers construct their prayers, New Birth, members thereby train themselves how to pray to GOD in the New Birth tradition and obtain quick divine responses. During every New Birth Service, there is usually at least a slot where members of the congregation are expected to construct individual New Birth Prayer on dictated prayer points, to GOD ALMIGHTY, or to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, or to The Holy Spirit.

(id) Giving and Listening to Testimonies During Services.

There is a feature in most services of GOD in The New Birth Movement where everybody is expected to report back on GOD’s manifestation to him or her in reply to his or her aspirations in New Birth. Those divine manifestation are known as spiritual experiences. All members of The New Birth Movement are obliged to testify during services of their latest spiritual experiences and allow the congregation to join them in thanking GOD for HIS duty of care to HIS children. The testimony session also helps officers of The New Birth Movement to keep track of the quality of the Breath of GOD which each worshipper of GOD is enjoying, as the Breath of GOD are significant components of the critical indicators of individual development in New Birth, in addition to observed improvements in the quality of the character of the individual.

(ie) Giving of Tithes and Offerings to GOD Regularly and Honestly

The opportunity to give tithes and offerings to GOD in the Services of GOD in The New Birth Movement is restricted to Sunday Morning Divine Worship, The Christmas Service and Anniversary Services which do not fall on Sundays. This is to preserve the church of GOD as The House of Prayer and prevent it from being turned into a banking hall or a cash centre.

Whenever anybody has a compelling feeling of gratitude to GOD and wants to give an offering to GOD at unscheduled time, he or she could drop it in the Treasure Box in front of The Altar of The Most High GOD, WHO will respond at HIS own time in HIS own way. The seed offering being peddled in some modern Pentecostal groups is not recognized in The New Birth Movement. GOD never requires any advance payment before HE can manifest HIS Grace to HIS children. It is an attempt to comercialise one’s hope in GOD. It is actually a sin, because GOD can never be blackmailed, or bribed to act in anybody’s favour!

If GOD does not grant the request being targeted with the seed offering, will the giver ask for a refund? It also smacks of irreverence to GOD!