Date:   Tuesday, 9th September, 1979

Venue: In his room in the G-H Hostel of the Enugu Campus of The University of Nigeria, The Very Reverend Olayinka Abayomi Daini, as he then was, received a divine instruction during his private early evening prayer around 7pm as follows:

“You should found an organization which you will use to train people in New Birth the way that you were trained.”

Olayinka Daini prayed to GOD for a name for the organization, but the divine reply to that prayer did not come to him until 31st January, 1980. When he received the name, “The New Birth Movement” during his usual early evening prayer in his hostel room.


(The pupil was separated from his mentor according to the divine plan, unknown to both of them.)

On the 9th of may, 1972, in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. at No 1213 Argyle Street, Glasgow C3, The Very Reverend. Olanyinka Abayomi Daini effected a sudden decision which he had taken the previous day, 8-5-72. He took out his portable typewriter and typed the letter of his resignation of both the officership and membership of The Faith Assembly Church, and Christ Mystical Order. He went across the road to the post office in front of his address at Argyle Street and sent the letter by registered post to Primate A.A.T. Oshinyemi in Nigeria.

As he disclosed in a subsequent advertisement which he placed in The West Africa magazine based in London, The Very Reverend Olayinka Daini did not resign his priesthood of The Most High GOD, because he had believed that he was ordained into an everlasting priesthood, (Exodus 40:15) and he was determined irrevocably to keep on living is life by the moral dictates of New Birth such that GOD would always regard him as one of HIS priest upon the earth and he was also committed to preaching and teaching New Birth to all willing human beings.

Even though Olayinka Daini’s decision to resign was hurriely taken, the information which he gathered together to take that decision began to emerge in Nigeria shortly after the return of Primate A.A.T. Oshinyemi from his Episcopal Tour of U.K. in 1966.

In one evening in 1966, after the church service in the church auditorium upstairs at No 62 Tejuosho Street, Surulere, Lagos, The Most Reveren Augustus Adegbola Tokunbo Oshinyemi sat after the service on the concrete steps leading to the church upstairs. Deacol Olayinka Abayomi Daini, his personal driver and personal assistant sat below him on the steps. Suddenly, Oshinyemi  looked at the sky and beckoned to Olayinka Daini to look at the stars overhead, pointing at one of them as his own personal star. Olayinka Daini could not quite figure out which star that the Primate was pointing to, but got the message that the primate was telling him that GOD had given him the ability to be able to pick out his own personal star in the sky,as GOD gave the three magi the ability to correctly pick out the star of our Lord,Jesus Christ in the sky, in the east. Primate Oshinyemi commented, pointing his right index finger to the sky, “Whenever I look at it, it glows!” He smiled and put his hand down.

Suddenly, the Primate put his right hand inside his cassock pocket, came out with an envelope, folded into two. He did not open the envelope to read the letter in it in the presence of the deacon. He simply held up the envelope and remarked, “Yinka, won ti lo ! Nwon ni nwon o se ti wa mo ! The whole London Branch is gone ! Deacon wz nikan lo ku. Alufa nwon ti lo. Gbogbo awon agbagba ijo wa ni London ti lo !”

Deacon Daini enquired, “Kilo sele sir?”

The Primate did not answer the deacon. He stood up, waved the deacon a goodnight and sauntered to the back of the church to climb into his own quarter.


“Yinka, they are gone ! They said that they are not part of us any longer. The whole London Branch is gone. One Deacon remains with The Faith Assembly Church. The priest in charge of our London Branch and all the church elders have resigned with the whole membership from Faith Assembly Church, Christ Mystical Order.

Deacon Daini enquired, “ What happened, sir?”

It was in Glasgow in 1969 that Olayinka Daini got the revelation from The Right Reverend S.A. Audifferen about what happened in 1966 to make the whole London Branch to resign from The Faith Assembly Church. Primate A.A.T. Oshinyemi had repeated the same type of behaviour in Glasgow and Reverend Daini and the Right Reverend S.A. Audifferen were perturbed and highly embarrassed!

Naturally, there was an exchange of information among the two officers. The scales had started falling from the eyes of the then Reverend Olayinka Abayomi Daini, the New Birth zealot whom our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, was personally taking further in New Birth.

In 1977 in Nigeria, two priests made some serious allegations against the Primate which made them to resign from The Faith Assembly Church, Christ Mystical Order.

Olayinka Daini’s take on those events was that Oshinyemi’s moral stumble or failure to keep up with the exalted moral pedestal of his calling as both a New Birth priest and GOD’s Messenger does not automatically vitiate The Divine Doctrine of New Birth, or cancel the authenticity of his divine calling ab initio.

One of the two priests was the first person to attain the fifth stage of New Birth under the training by Primate A.A.T. Oshinyemi. The second disappointed angry priest attained the New Birth third stage, Baptism of The Holy Spirit under the training by Primate A.A.T. Oshinyemi.

Fortunately, Olayinka Daini had always approached his studies and aspirations in New Birth with the scientific method. Is it universally true? That is, true in all respects, in all situations? Is it universally repeatable? Irrespective of gender, tribe, location and nationality?

To Olayinka Daini, that it was an Oshinyemi that GOD used to give him his initial training in New Birth was not as important as the massive spiritual benefits which he enjoyed from GOD by New Birth. It was not as important as the glow on the faces of all human beings of all tribes and tongues who benefitted immensely from his ministrations as a New Birth priest.

The junior of the two priests who resigned in a tiff of anger from The Faith Assembly Church in 1967 was the senior brother of Olayinka Daini who had assured him in 1961 that the Divine Doctrine of New Birth was not a hoax. He was the one who assured Olayinka Daini that if he repented of his sins sincerely and apologized to GOD for them and begged GOD to take him back as one of HIS sons, GOD could grant him HIS salvation with accompanying signs of enjoyable spiritual experiences which he should testify of.

The senior of the two resigning priests was the senior officer who listened to the new birth testimonies of Olayinka Daini early in 1962 and early in 1963 and pronounced him a saved soul and pronounced him a saint of The Most High GOD

To Olayinka Abayomi Daini the scientific truthfulness and the scientific reliability of The Divine Doctrine of New Birth is unassailable.Our Lord Jesus Christ said that the doctrine belongs to GOD, not to any human being. John 7:16 .

Olayinka Daini had no quarrel with anybody resigning from The Faith Assembly Church on account of the noticed foibles of the Founder and Primate of that church, but nobody could decide to stop practicing the doctrine of GOD to maintain and improve his of her relationship with GOD with out exposing himself or herself to a satanic jeopardy.

The incident that finally convinced The Very Reverend Daini,as he then was, that Primate Oshinyemi had fully fallen from the moral standard of The Divine Doctrine of New Birth and as such, his organization had no future with GOD ALMIGHTY occurred in the primate’s ill-advised quarrel with The Rt. Rev. S.A. Audifferen, the rebirth Bishop of Glasgow who was then next in rank to him,over a fake money dispute which the primate suddenly created and would not allow himself to be advised as to the truths of the matter on the ground in Glasgow. When Olayinka Daini projected many other previous incidents into that one, he came to the conclusion that The Most Reverend A.A.T Oshimyemi was no longer willing to continue to practise the righteousness demanded by The Divine Doctrine of New Birth from all children of GOD. Without righteousness, nobody could please GOD ALMIGHTY. Olayinka Daini decided that he had no business queuing behind  a religious leader who had willingly stopped showing that he was still a devotee of The GOD of Truth.(Exodus 34:6)

On the morning of 13th October, 1972, when The Very Rev. O.A.Daini touched down at Ikeja Airport along with other passengers from Britain, another of Oshinyemi’s previous prophecies that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, would not let Olayinka Daini stay long in Britain came to pass.But Oshinyemi’s prophecy about GOD’s assignment for Olayinka Daini did not begin to materialize until seven years after Daini’s Divine Installation in heaven as The New Divine Messenger of Fire, Faith and Love.That was On 9-9-79 when he received a direct instruction from above to found the organization later to be divinely named The New Birth Movement.


The doctrine of GOD is the collection of the statements of GOD how HE wants us human beings to relate with HIM as our GOD (Our Creator) and  as our heavenly FATHER.(our Highest Care Giver) The doctrine also contains certain truths which GOD wants us to know about HIMSELF and about the universe into which HE had created us so that we could advert our minds to the posture of pleasing HIM and benefitting maximally from creation as HE had intended all along.

We can say that the doctrine of GOD is the moral policy of GOD which we human beings have of necessity to study, to understand and to comply with for our continuous benefit and survival in the human body and out of the human body for ever.The doctrine of GOD includes the prescribed procedure by GOD how HE should be worshipped, how HE could be invoked to manifest HIS glory as desired by us, HIS children,upon the earth.

The doctrine of GOD is not optional, because it is not open to human changes, or human amendments, or even human adjustments, or deliberate human omissions. It is perfect, because GOD is perfect in all HIS works. (Matt. 5:48)

Every infraction of any aspect of the doctrine of GOD draws instantaneous reactions from many corners of the universe. It is compulsory for us human beings to study it, understand it and comply with it because GOD is already using HIS doctrine to bless or to punish human beings upon the earth and HE had declared in the context of HIS doctrine that mankind would eventually be divided into two lots, one lot to live with HIM for ever upon a new earth under a new heaven while the other lot is to be sent into a spiritual fire that takes its time to destroy the human spirit, the fire called hell-fire.

The scope of what is called The Doctrine of GOD is quite wide. It covers all commandments of GOD, all the performance specifications of GOD to mankind, all the declared hates and likes of GOD, all the procedures of divine worship prescribed by GOD, all the objectives set by GOD, all the revelations of GOD about HIMSELF and about the universe, all the stated purposes or intentions of GOD about anybody, about anything and about everybody and about everything. What and what are not within the doctrine of GOD are human mere guesses as to what GOD would do and what GOD would not do.

All the details of the doctrine of GOD are known as Divine Truths, GOD’s Truths: and they must always be chosen instead of mere human guesses called well considered scholarly opinions, such as some opinions of saint Paul in his epistles that do not in any way comply with divine truths already recorded in The Old Testament of The Holy Bible or those that do not fit in any manner what our Lord, Jesus Christ, had disclosed publicly as The Doctrine of GOD on some issues.

The New Testament of The Holy Bible harbours a lot of misleading opinions of writers, compilers, translators, scribes, editors and so on which contradict many truths of GOD which our Lord Jesus Christ, had Himself repeated and taught as part of the doctrine of GOD while He was upon the earth.

Almost every book of The New Testament, from Matthew to Revelations harbours embarrassing examples of such misleading statements, like a camel trying to pass through the eye of a needle, like salvation by predestination, like the blood of Jesus Christ cleansing all sins, like a stone sitting on a throne in heaven and posing as the GOD of the universe.

No wonder contemporary Christianity is effete, incompatible with the doctrine of GOD, incompatible with the religious practices of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, The Founder of Christianity. For instance, Christians are no longer Christ like, no longer worshipping the GOD WHOM our Lord, Saviour and Master, Jesus Christ, worshipped in private and in public while He was upon the earth. We now have priests who do not believe in the esistence of GOD. We have bishops who are proud to be homosexuals or gay as they like to be called in modern parlance. We do not only have female priests, we have the sexually deviant females such as unrepentant lesbians being ordained publicly as Christian priests in some congregations. To try and draw everybody’s attention to what GOD had long specified as the acceptable moral human behavior before HIM is to be called an extremist, a fanatic, a Christian fundamentalist, a gender bigot, a peddler of sexual exclusivity.

The doctrine of GOD was not designed by GOD to please any of the Sons of GOD in heaven, or any of the archangels of GOD in heaven, or any of the Elders in heaven, or any of the sons and daughters of GOD upon the earth.

The doctrine of GOD was designed by GOD to pleased GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF. Why? Because everybody else in the universe was created by GOD to please GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF. Any creature of GOD given the opportunity to be an image of GOD, after GOD’S likeness is well advised to adopt that policy of always liking to and always trying to please GOD HIMSELF. That is the unfailing formular for the achievement of solid joy, lasting pleasure and everlasting life. Deliberately disagreeing with GOD on any matter is never a wise option for any son of GOD on earth or in heaven or any daughter of GOD upon the earth. That option would certainly lead to divine condemnation and eventual destruction.