Seeking from GOD, Asking from GOD, knocking at the door of GOD’S mercy to find favour within the doctrine of New Birth!

In The New Birth Church of Praise at 15, New Birth Road, Egan, Off Omo Ariyo Street, at Olowo-Ila Bus Stop, Opposite Dapsey Fuel Station on Iyana Iba, Egan Road. (Tel: 08023603623)

I, the divine messenger of fire, Faith and Love, since 1972 will sing the high mass of exaltation, adoration and invocation of the most high God, of his son Jesus and HIS HOLY SPIRIT (not ghost) on every First Sunday of every month and on every first Sunday of every month and on the  Christmas Day and on Easter Sunday.

If you have any matter that you want to present to GOD ALMIGHTY for his divine attention, as our lord and savior, Jesus Christ had advised us to do in Matt 7:7 and as prophet Isaiah had also specified in Isiah55:6, please join us to worship HIM, GOD ALMIGHTY, by his Doctrine of New Birth (John 7:16, John 12:49, 50), Using the knowledge of HIS secrets committed to his servant, the prophet, Deut 29:29, Rev 10:7, Matt 13:11


  • No matter how GOD answers you: on the spot at your first visit, or after repeated visits, you are obliged to thank HIM and acknowledged HIM publicly in the New Birth Church of praise soon after , so that Satan will not be able to steal your blessing from you.
  • Once God has given you a positive answer to your prayer to him in The New Birth Church of Praise, he has thereby called you to come and learn New Birth (Matt 1:29, John 6:45) from us so that you too could join us to be worshiping him by New Birth John 4:23 and continue to benefit thereby forever, as our lord Jesus Christ had revealed that God seeketh such believers to use HID doctrine to worship HIM. John 8:32, John 15:10


Since God Almighty made me one of his divine messengers upon the earth late march, 1972 while I was living in the city of Glasgow, Scotland where I was serving as a missionary priest in the then faith Assembly Church, Christ Mystical order, simultaneously being a New Birth priest and post graduate student of our Lord Jesus Christ in New Birth (1965-1972), I never worship alone; some angels always join me in my service, sometimes seraphs but most usually Cherubs.

On The Festival of the Holy spirit, In June 2004 (Pentecost) ot pleased THE ALMIGHTY GOD to induct me into The Heavenly Council of Divine Elders whenever I sing The High Mass of The Most High GOD, Elders will come down from heaven to flank me on the right and on the left such that we sing The Mass together. It is up to you to create your own faith to work to earn your own testimonies which you can add to our own, so that we can glorify GOD together.

I am the Rt. Rev O.A. Daini, B.Arch. Hons, The founder and Primate of the New Birth Movement. Postal Address: P.O Box 303 Festac Town, Lagos. Tel: 08023603623