The individual duty to create and maintain for ever one’s faith in GOD ALMIGHTY,

THE ONLY TRUE GOD. (John 17:4)

Every human being needs a filial relationship with GOD in order to become a complete human being by being intimately linked with THE GOD WHO alone is THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE above and below. A complete human being is a human being whose spirit is enjoying the constant charge (a spiritual energy input) from GOD ALMIGHTY such that it is buoyant, balanced and divinely oriented towards a righteous living which enables the individual to enjoy earthly life to the full.

An incomplete human being is a human being whose spirit is not enjoying any constant spiritual charge from GOD ALMIGHTY and that human being has a dormant spirit, not buoyant, not divinely oriented towards a righteous living on earth.

Such a dormant human spirit is easily frightened by other spirits even though most of them are inferior to the human spirit in the hierarchy of spirits, is easily persuaded to start behaving in a totally inhuman and therefore, in an ungodly manner, is sometimes beset with temptations to depression and to self-destruct. To create one’s personal belief in the existence of GOD, as GOD had constantly revealed HIMSELF to mankind, is not difficult. All human beings possess the intrinsic capacity to do so by reason of our creation by GOD In His image (Imago Dei), after HIS likeness. (Genesis 1:26,27)

When the distinguished Prophet Moses disclosed in Genesis that GOD ALMIGHTY created man in the image of GOD after the likeness of GOD, he forgot to mention the spiritual coordinate of that statement that every human spirit must constantly attach itself to GOD in a filial relationship in order to optimize the essential divinity in its humanity, otherwise, the human being rapidly becomes a failed project, that would be destined to destruction eventually.

That was partly the reason why our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, made His famous specification recorded in Matthew 6:3 “But seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Your belief in GOD that HE exist must include believing in GOD’s purposes, plans commandments, instructions, and in all HIS revelations about HIMSELF and about HIS creation, about HIS powers, abilities, likes and dislikes so that you will find it easy to be in allignment with HIM by pleasing HIM with your thinking, with your desires, with your aims, with your ambitions, with your conduct. To be pleasing GOD all the time is the ultimate statement of the correct belief in GOD which a human being can make!

Every aspirant in New Birth must practice the hierarchy of faith as follows: Faith in GOD ALMIGHTY, Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, Faith in The Holy Spirit, Faith in THE Divine Messenger commissioned with New Birth.



The emotion of love to GOD easily arises from the decision of a human being to pay attention to the goodness and the righteousness of GOD to all human beings and to appreciate GOD and keep appreciating GOD for those things. Since most human beings are all agreed that GOD is THE ONE FROM WHOM all goodness flows to us human beings, progressing from appreciating HIM to fully loving HIM should not prove in any way difficult, especially when we realize that in showing love to HIM, we draw more of HIS goodwill to ourselves and become more attached to HIM.

As previously stated, the compulsion in the Divine Law of Love includes our loving all our fellow human beings irrespective who they are, strangers, family, relations, acquaintances. Once somebody is a human being, GOD compels us all to show kindness, goodwill, honesty, helpfulness, justice, toleration towards that person. All those virtues add up to the big virtue called love, without any sexual issues in them.

The divine principle of compulsory projection of love from one human being to another is not sex bound, is not gender bound. It is a purely spiritual consideration. It is to create a universality of human love everywhere upon the earth so as to enrich our individual stay upon the earth.



Every human being must determine to always do the will of GOD upon the earth so as to constantly earn the goodwill of GOD, benefit from GOD’s FATHERLY CARE as well as enjoy the divine charging of the human spirit so as to retain its strength, so as to stabilize its orientation in alignment with GOD’s purpose at all time on all issues of life and so as to maximize the efficiency of its operational functionality as a human spirit in the image of GOD, imago Dei.



Whenever a human spirit inhabiting a human body upon the earth discovers that it is no longer acting in alignment with the will of GOD on any issue, it is the duty of that human spirit to rush into its mind to create the intention to correct itself quickly and to quickly execute that intention in a morally correct behavior so as to prevent the manifestation of punishment from GOD to itself one way or the other. This is why The Right Reverend O.A. Daini, The Divine Messenger of Fire, Faith, and Love who is also The Founder and Primate of The New Birth Movement, teaches that repentance is the locomotion of the human spirit in New Birth, from condemnation to salvation, from salvation, to Sanctification, from sanctification to Baptism of The Holy Spirit, from Baptism of the Holy Spirit to Conquering Self-will, from Conquering Self-Will to the Attainment of Being Sealed by GOD unto Eternity, and so on until the perfection of righteousness with GOD is attained by the individual.

In other words, every human spirit must worship GOD and constantly defer to GOD such that he or she is ready to do GOD’s Will upon the earth as it is being done already in heaven. Matt.6:9. If any human spirit finds itself holding an opinion tending to support a preference different from that of GOD, that human spirit must quickly repent of it and adopt the preference of GOD as being far better, wiser and very safe. To deliberately disagree with GOD is a major sin heading the individual back to divine condemnation enroute  final divine destruction. On earth and in heaven, only the will of GOD will eventually prevail. Isaiah 55:7,10,11.”

“My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure,” Isaiah 46:10

STEP 5:  The duty to stock the individual mind with the idea of holiness such that holy desire could motivate the individual to taking holy actions which would make GOD to be pleased with that individual to the extent of letting HIS Holy Spirit to be more intimate with that individual and interact with that individual more deeply.

In so far as we were all created in the image of GOD, after HIS likeness, the best moral postures for us to adopt in our lives are the moral postures which GOD had adopted in relating with us HIS children, with the exception of those related with reigning over the universe, as reigning is only the preserve of GOD ALMIGHTY WHO alone is self-existing, self-enthroned and totally ALMIGHTY over the rest of creation.

Truthfulness, kindness, honesty, patient, gentility, mercy, perseverance, are all moral qualities which GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF manifests and therefore appreciates when we adopt them. They are called virtues. When we practice them properly in a large quantity, we are deemed to be virtuous. The opposite to them are called vices or sins. If we choose to practice, vices, we are deemed to be sinful and GOD considers it HIS duty to punish sinners.

Let us consider some weighty charges of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, on the matter.

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”Matt 5:6.

Automatically, they would have thus filled themselves with holy desires holy thoughts, holy intentions, which will drive them to live their lives in a holy manner, not soliciting the commendations of fellow human beings, drawing a greater quantum of The Breath of GOD upon themselves, which means that they will be filled with The Holy Spirit; more joy, more power to do so many good things.

“Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”Matt 5:7.

The merciful human being will obtain mercy from fellow human beings who feel obliged to reciprocate a previous goodwill. He or she will also obtain mercy from the GOD WHO watches with FATHERLY LOVE over all creation.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall (see) GOD.” Matt 5:8

The word”see” in that text is wrong. What our lord, Jesus Christ, said was that the individual with a pure heart, developed by himself, or by herself, would be made to know GOD more intimately. Seeing  GOD is not possible for any human being on earth. It is also  not possible in heaven. Why?

Before we were all created, GOD had made HIMSELF the self- concealed GOD.

“Verily thou art a GOD that hidest thyself, O GOD of Israel, the Saviour”. Isaiah 45:15.

“And the Father Himself, which hath sent him, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape”.John7:37.

The Jews whom our Lord, Jesus Christ, was addressing were not there on Mount Sinai when GOD spoke publicly to all Israel and at the various locations in the camps of the Jews when GOD spoke publicly to Moses and to Aaron and even to Miriam. They were not there when  GOD spoke publicly at River Jordan when our Lord, Jesus Christ, was baptized by John the Baptist and at  the Mount of Transfiguration. (Matt.17:1- 9)

Let us consider what Prophet Moses said on the matter.

“Take ye therefore good heed unto yourselves ; for ye saw no manner of similitude on the day that the LORD spake unto you at Horeb out of the midst of the fire.” Deut.4:15. Please see also Deut 4:12. As for shape, GOD has no shape and no form  and therefore HE is invisible!

STEP:6  The need to be constantly and realistically hopeful in GOD, in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in The Holy Spirit, according to  the nature, characteristics and the categorical promises of GOD and of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Hope is a bye –product of faith. Where there is no hope, there is no faith. Where the faith is weak, the hope too is weak and ineffective. A human mind that is short of hope is despondent and prone to suicidal tendencies. It is lacking in ambition and in the drive to succeed in any enterprise.

If faith is a deliberate creation of each person according to individual discretion in the mind, hope is the consequential bye-product of faith.

You must believe strongly enough for you to feel a hope in the divinity which you believe in.

STEP 7: Courage

The purpose of creating courage in your mind as you trudge along in your journey called New Birth is to stabilise your mind and stabilise your steps in righteousness as you walk with GOD by HIS doctrine of New Birth.

The New Birth journey is not a short journey. It is not always a smooth journey. It is a journey characterised by the ups and downs of life, called the vicissitudes of life. It is a lifelong journey because the zenith of the spiritual aspiration in New Birth is high. It is the perfection of individual righteousness with GOD ALMIGHTY. The moral goal of New Birth was set by GOD HIMSELF, not by any human being. (Deut 18:13,Matt.5:48)

Therefore, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, advised us to take up our cross everyday and deny ourselves the pleasures of sin and follow Him in the practice of New Birth daily. Matt16:24,Mark8:34,Mark10:21,Luke9:23.


To obey GOD, to keep on obeying GOD, To always obey GOD, no matter the circumstances, no matter the nature of the opposition, no matter the hardness of the divine instruction, no matter the unpopularity among human beings of GOD’s policy. Never to be tired of obeying GOD, whether it is in the form of implementing a long expressed policy of GOD, or it is in the form of complying with a fresh directive of GOD’s Holy Spirit, just issued in situ, as was the case with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, just after His baptism in River Jordan by John, whereupon the freshly descended Holy Spirit directed Him to the wilderness for forty days of fasting and prayers without being allowed to go home first to bask in the glory of His new divine anointing by GOD ALMIGHTY.

GOD must always be obeyed by everyone of HIS children, whether on earth or in heaven. There is never a valid reason not to obey GOD. There is never a valid reason. GOD is perfect. GOD is righteous. GOD is just. GOD is loving. GOD is considerate. GOD never forgets anything. GOD never overlooks anybody. GOD is never careless. GOD never makes a mistake. There is never a valid reason not to obey GOD.

The rule of universal obedience to GOD closely follows       the rule of universal love to GOD. Every child of GOD must love GOD more than he or she loves the self, more than he or she loves anybody else!

To walk with GOD by HIS Doctrine of New Birth, every human being must permanently programme his or her mind to always obey GOD ALMIGHTY,to always obey our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to always obey The Holy Spirit of GOD. If any human aspirant in New Birth does not satisfy GOD as to how far he or she has programmed the mind to always obey The Holy Spirit, GOD will not agree to seal that person to inherit eternity with HIM.